9, Braidwood was around minus 5

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But not everyone is following rules designed to prevent the spread of the virus, including wearing masks and keeping 6 feet (2 metres) apart. In late June, large crowds swarmed D a popular oceanfront nightclub in Belmar in scenes reminiscent of pre pandemic days. Few patrons wore face coverings, and fewer still kept their distance from others on a packed dance floor..

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cheap canada goose buy canada goose jacket cheap “The maximum daytime temperature should be hovering around 13 to 15 degrees in coming days.” Friday will get off to a foggy and frosty start to the day and a low of zero, before rising to 13. The temperature will stay in positive territory for Saturday, with a low of 1 and a top of 15, before dropping back down to zero on Sunday.”Canberra’s temperature was around five degrees colder than average,” Mr KC said.”Around the southern tablelands, Goulburn reported minus 4.9, Braidwood was around minus 5.4, and it was similar in Tuggeranong and minus 4.2.”While Thursday morning’s temperature was chilly, it wasn’t as cold as the minus 7.4 experienced in July last year.Cyclists were still exercising despite the conditions. Picture: Karleen MinneyMr KC said the cold conditions were due to a number of weather factors all lining up to make the frosty start to the morning.”There was a high pressure system coming in from the west sitting around the area,” he said.”There were also clear skies and not much wind happening overnight and that led to the temperatures being extremely cold.”The high pressure system which caused the drop in temperature was felt in most parts of NSW except for the north east.The system came off the back of a cold front in the area, which delivered a severe weather warning for parts of the ACT and the Snowy Mountains on Monday through until Wednesday.The severe weather warning brought damaging winds of more than 100km/h to the Snowy Mountains, which also caused a chair to become dislodged from a chairlift at Thredbo earlier this week.There were clear skies and not much wind happening overnight and that led to the temperatures being extremely cold. buy canada goose jacket cheap

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